Using SAP Enterprise App Modeler to harness the capabilities of Offline OData

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Asset Manager

The SAP Enterprise App Modeler allows developers to define sophisticated applications without having to write any code. Business process experts can use the cloud-based editor to develop new applications and customize existing ones. The result is a flexible app with a beautiful user experience and powerful offline support. In this blog post, I’ll dig deeper […]

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Identifying Fake News with SAP HANA & TensorFlow

SAP HANA, SAP Text Analysis, SAP HANA Text Analysis

Having seen a fake news dataset on Kaggle, we wanted to see if we could differentiate between “fake news” and “real news”. Four of the SAP HANA capabilities enabled us to attempt this challenge. Text Analytics, Predictive (External Machine Learning), Data Modeling and Data Virtualization. Main steps covered here Data Acquisition & Data Preparation Model […]

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