Enabling Flexible Workflow in Purchase Requisition

MM Purchasing, MM (Materials Management), SAP S/4HANA Cloud

In this blog we will go through the steps required to enable flexible workflow for Purchase Requisition in S/4 HANA Cloud. Along with that we will see what are the different configurations available with Purchase Requisitions Flexible Workflow. Flexible workflow is alternatively called as scenario based workflow, since here user can configure different workflow process […]

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APO Custom Alerts complete solution ( Use case: PPDS Custom Alerts )

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Intro: The motive of this blog is to define custom defined alert for any APO Application. However, in order to illustrate deeply, created custom alerts for PPDS (APO: Production Planning / Detailed Sch.) Application. The concept is same and is applicable for all other applications, defined in Alert Monitor. There is literally no documentation in […]

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Batch Determination of components in the Production Order in S/4 1709

MAN Production Planning (PP), Manufacturing

What is mean by Batch Determination in the Production Orders? Batch Determination is the Process, by which system is able to assign/propose the suitable Batches for the Batch managed components in the Production Order, which meets desired Selection Criteria/business requirement Business scenario In the Production of the Finished Material (Ex: FG-BATCH), using one of the […]

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