Purchasing Document Adjustment

MM (Materials Management)

Introduction: Purchasing document adjustment functionality helps to re-price the purchase order, whenever its corresponding valid source condition records gets updated. Valid source includes Info records, Purchasing contracts or other independent condition records. This article will explain key activities related to the new process implementation of purchasing document adjustment. Sources of Purchasing: Business normally uses Info […]

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Variant Configuration (VC) In Assembly Processing of Network / Project

PLM Project System (PS)

This Blog will cover how Variant Configuration will integrate with Assembly Processing of Network/Project with necessary steps. Business Requirement: One Material has different Characteristics to Sell and depend upon the characteristics of Material; Operative Network Activity Should be selected. The created Operative Network Creation will help for evaluation purpose by Scheduling, cost, Milestone etc. Assignment […]

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SAP S/4HANA Project Systems: Overview on the important Apps

PLM Project System (PS), SAP Fiori, SAP S/4HANA

Introduction This blog post given an overview on the important Apps available in SAP Project Systems. User Role – Project Manager / Project Planner Every project has critical elements like Project definition, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Elements, Activities (internally or externally executed), Milestones and material components (stockables or non-stockables) which are monitored regularly by the […]

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COGI and it’s cohesion with SAP EWM : PP-EWM-Integration

MAN Production Planning (PP), EWM - Master Data

Purpose: This blog is aimed at explaining how the consumption posting delivery for production supply can create erroneous goods movement record, which technically called as COGI( Controlling Goods Issue) in SAP PP which itself is a transaction code as well. Explanation and its Integration to SAP EWM: COGI entries are created when manufacturing order which […]

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