Inter-company STO with SD Delivery, Billing & LIV

MM (Materials Management), SAP ERP

In this document I’m going to explain inter-Company Stock transport Order with SD Delivery, Billing & Logistics Invoice verification. Prerequisites: 1. Knowledge of MM & SD 2. Two organization structures: one for purchasing and another for sales Purchasing: Company Code:8888, Plant: 8881, Sto. Loc: 0002, Purchase Organization: 8881, Sales: Company Code:6666, Delivering Plant: 6661, Sto. […]

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How To Create AMDP With Parameters In ABAP Modular Perspective In SAP HANA

BW SAP HANA Modeling Tools (Eclipse)

What are AMDPs… ABAP Managed Database Procedures are a new feature in AS ABAP allowing developers to write database procedures directly in ABAP. You can think of a Database Procedure as a function stored and executed in the database. The implementation language varies from one database system to another. In SAP HANA it is SQL […]

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ABAP on HANA – Step by step procedure to create a CDS view using input parameters to display multiple records.

ABAP Development

This blog shows how to display multiple records by using input PARAMETERS keyword, As there is no provision to use ABAP keyword SELECT-OPTIONS which display multiple records in CDS View. 1. Go to Dictionary => ABAP DDL Sources => New Data Definition 2. Create a New Data Definition 3. Load the template and click on […]

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