Removing invalid and non-printable characters in HANA based BW transformation


Most customers know the problem that invalid characters can be found in data records. Data load or DSO activation for char type InfoObjects can fail due to permitted or non-printable characters in BW. There exist several solutions for this problem. Some customer uses function module calls in ABAP transformations for example RSKC_CHAVL_OF_IOBJ_CHECK or RSKC_ALLOWED_CHAR_GET. Other […]

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Locators in ABAP Open SQL

ABAP Development, SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP

Recently I learned a new approach to access database table content without having to transport the column data into ABAP program using locator. I make modifications on this sample. The modified one: REPORT demo_db_locator. DATA: otr_text_locator TYPE REF TO cl_abap_db_c_locator, length TYPE i. DATA: pattern TYPE string VALUE ‘ABAP’, lv_index TYPE int4 VALUE 1. zcl_abap_benchmark_tool=>start_timer( ). […]

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