Locators in ABAP Open SQL

ABAP Development, SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP

Recently I learned a new approach to access database table content without having to transport the column data into ABAP program using locator. I make modifications on this sample. The modified one: REPORT demo_db_locator. DATA: otr_text_locator TYPE REF TO cl_abap_db_c_locator, length TYPE i. DATA: pattern TYPE string VALUE ‘ABAP’, lv_index TYPE int4 VALUE 1. zcl_abap_benchmark_tool=>start_timer( ). […]

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Introduction to ABAP Channels

JAVA Development, ABAP Development, ABAP Channels

Motivation Most ABAP applications use polling techniques to achieve an event-driven communication.For pushing an event from an ABAP backend to a browser based user agent like SAPUI5, Web Dynpro, Business Server Pages (BSP) or WebGUI, a polling in multi-seconds interval is frequently used. This is a quite system resource consuming technique. In SAPGUI usually the […]

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Simulate Mockito in ABAP

Mockito in ABAP, ABAP Tutorials and

Mockito is a mocking framework, JAVA-based library that is used for effective unit testing of JAVA applications. In our unit test there are usually some dependency on other external service implementation for example network or database service. Usually in order to isolate our test code from these dependencies we have to create mock class against […]

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Export ABAP transparent table content to PostgreSQL table

SAP ABAP, SAP Guides, SAP ABAP Certificatios, SAP HANA

Now ABAP table COMM_PRODUCT is successfully replicated to PostgreSQL. In my ABAP server table COMM_PRODUCT has totally 94331 entries: Execute the report below: REPORT zexport_data. DATA: lt_export TYPE string_table, l_filename TYPE string, l_path TYPE string, l_fullpath TYPE string, lv_from TYPE string, lv_to TYPE string, lt_result TYPE TABLE OF comm_product. SELECT * INTO TABLE lt_result FROM […]

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