Removing invalid and non-printable characters in HANA based BW transformation


Most customers know the problem that invalid characters can be found in data records. Data load or DSO activation for char type InfoObjects can fail due to permitted or non-printable characters in BW. There exist several solutions for this problem. Some customer uses function module calls in ABAP transformations for example RSKC_CHAVL_OF_IOBJ_CHECK or RSKC_ALLOWED_CHAR_GET. Other […]

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Playing with HANA parameters

The purpose of this blog was to share two end to end examples of passing parameters within HANA and using placeholders in SELECT statements. I have created two scenarios: HANA Table –> Table Function (with parameters) –> Calculation View (with parameters) HANA Table –> Calculation View (with parameters) –> Procedure (with parameters) The biggest lesson […]

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Introduction to the SAP HANA smart data access linked database feature


Introduction to the SAP HANA smart data access linked database feature The linked database feature was introduced with SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 01, and greatly simplifies the workflow for accessing remote data sources. With the new linked database feature users can directly access remote tables and views without having to manually define virtual tables. The […]

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Configuring Multiple SparkControllers in Ambari for HANA DLM, Hive and Vora Access

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The default installation of the SparkController for HANA in a Hadoop cluster allows the archiving of data using DLM (Data Lifecycle Management) to HDFS and the accessing of Hive and DLM’d data with HANA. OR Access Vora data with HANA. but not both with the same SparkController instance. Currently the SparkController can be configured to […]

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SAP Agile Data Preparation / SAP HANA / SAP BO Lumira in SCM (S&OP / Marketing vision)

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Companies improve planning and control through the implementation of such processes as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) or as FCS, DPS, SCP, ERP and new known trends, where the key driver is realize from integrating ALL company processes with which the executive team uses to manage the business, improving financial performance and integration, including strategic […]

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