SAP API Management JavaScript and serviceCallout policy along with SAP PO use-case

SAP Process Orchestration

Overview:- We use DynamicConfigurationBean bean to edit the message header for adapter-specific message attributes also to add, delete attributes from message headers. We usually use this when we develop pass-through interface using File and SFTP adapter, recently I came across a situation where I need to send (just pass-through) file from SFTP server to REST […]

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SAP PO Async Message Processing Analysis

SAP Process Integration, SAP PO

In SAP PO, single java stack system, we have at least the following options controlling number of message processing threads: Number of cluster nodes; connectionDefinition system.queueParallelism.perInterface ReceiverParallelism MessagePrioritization Let’s take the following story line to elaborate the functionalities of all above options. Company A has a SAP PO system in single java stack, which has […]

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