Purchase Requisitions from Project Systems Material Components: BOM Explosion

PLM Project System (PS), SAP ERP

Introduction Purchase requisitions generated by material components assigned to network activities in PS carries a big limitation in a certain condition. If a requisition belongs to a material that is subcontracted (i.e. special procurement type 30) and has a Bill of Material (BOM) then this BOM is not exploded at the time of purchase requisition […]

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Customer Enhancement Field for WBS : Creation,Field Mapping and Validation & Substitution

PLM Project System (PS)

This post will help to PS Functional as well as Technical Consultant. As per my practical experience; I found that there are number of blogs for the creation of customer field in WBS, Mapping of same as well as Validation and Substitutions, but couldn’t find all the relevant steps for integrating this whole scenario. So, […]

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