Batch determination with object dependencies. Picking batches with % RSL in EWM

EWM - Basic, Functions EWM - Basis

Sometime it is required to conduct batch determination and calculate SLED dynamically. The dynamic SLED calculation conducted during batch determination in ERP or in EWM gives a leverage to customer to pick batches with remaining shelf life in percentage or with Remaining shelf life in days. Also Read: SAP EWM Certification Preparation Guide Business don’t […]

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Collision of Stock Types in Vendor Return Process with Inbound and Return Delivery

EWM - Basis, EWM - Master Data

Conceptualization: During vendor return process in EWM, creating return delivery from VL60, the return outbound delivery in ERP copies the data of reference Inbound delivery and hence the storage location ROD is also copied in return outbound delivery. Also Read: SAP EWM Certification Preparation Guide This return outbound delivery having delivery type RLL once distributed […]

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EWM Pick, Pack, Stage & Load (on TU) process with interface to LE-TRA shipment


In this blog post we will use complex outbound process of Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), involving picking, packing, staging, loading on TU and interface to LE-TRA shipment. We will use S4 HANA 1809 to configure and run this process. This scenario is particularly important if EWM is deployed (standalone or embedded) but Shipments are still […]

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Stopping outbound delivery generation if inventory availability is insufficient. EWM PP Interface

EWM - Basis, EWM - Master Data, MAN Production Planning (PP), SD (Sales and Distribution)

Purpose: The inspiration of writing this blog is derived from below SAP community thread having discussion on why MF60 for release orders parts creates outbound delivery if even the stock availability is zero. To my curiosity, I tested it for Kanban parts, emptying card items having zero stock, delivery was successfully generated and distributed to […]

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Pickup and Account Assignment: Direct ODO Issue to Cost Center

EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Basis, EWM - Delivery Processing

Deployment Consideration: SAP EWM offers such a gamut of powerful tools to map complex business processes in a very easy way. Direct outbound delivery order, goods issue to cost center is one of those handful tools where ‘‘Account Assignment Deliveries” can directly be created from Decentral EWM and a corresponding ERP Account assignment delivery is […]

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Integration of EWM with Repetitive Manufacturing:Part-I

EWM - Master Data, MAN Production Planning (PP), EWM - Basis

Purpose: The blog is written to unravel how SAP Extended Warehouse Management in integrated with Repetitive Manufacturing. In this blog, it would be explained what are the key configurations, master data required to having this set up. Repetitive manufacturing In repetitive manufacturing, below process can be exploited in SAP EWM system Final Confirmation Reporting point […]

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