MM Extractions

BW (SAP Business Warehouse), SAP BW

In this document, I will take you through the MM extraction data flow. MM extraction is the combination of both LO Extraction and Standard Extractions. The data flow is as shown below Pre-requisites: Make sure that RFC Connection exists between ECC system and BI system Delete the data from setup tables for ‘03’ application on […]

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How To Create AMDP With Parameters In ABAP Modular Perspective In SAP HANA

BW SAP HANA Modeling Tools (Eclipse)

What are AMDPs… ABAP Managed Database Procedures are a new feature in AS ABAP allowing developers to write database procedures directly in ABAP. You can think of a Database Procedure as a function stored and executed in the database. The implementation language varies from one database system to another. In SAP HANA it is SQL […]

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