Predictive Analytics using SAP Smart Business Services

SAP Smart Business, SAP Fiori

Before we begin: SAP Smart Business is a framework for exposing strategic (key) and operational performance indicators (KPIs, OPIs) as Fiori applications without the need to write any code. It can be used by customers, partners and SAP’s development teams for making highly aggregated analytical data accessible via Fiori Launchpad tiles. I have included the […]

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Fiori for S/4HANA – Troubleshooting Authorization concept in SADL based OData Services


Starting in S/4HANA 1511 many Fiori Applications make use of SADL based OData services, in order to consume and expose CDS views meaning the development paradigm has become more complex and so is the troubleshooting. Let’s start by understanding what SADL means in the context of OData services: Service Adaptation Definition Language (SADL) enables fast […]

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SAP Hybris Commerce to SAP Hybris Marketing Integration via the Expressway

SAP Hybris, SAP Tutorials and Materails

Expressway is a very lightweight integration between SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Marketing. To deploy Expressway on your SAP Hybris Commerce server, all you have to do is add one extension to your localextensions.xml file, rebuild, and update your system. Once Expressway is deployed, you can immediately start sending master data and other marketing-relevant […]

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How-to-Guide SAP Fiori Relevance and Readiness Analysis

Introduction: Since Fiori UX got evolved every customer is curious to find out how to transform or enhance their current SAP User Interfaces. This blog provides end-to-end steps for enabling Fiori Relevance and Readiness Analysis. Typical Customer Questions for Fiori Implementation: Do we have Fiori applications for specific SAP Transactional Codes? Do we have list […]

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