MAN Production Planning (PP), PLM Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Plant Maintenance (PM)

Detail Pool Asset Configuration Steps


Transport managers handling large fleets of pooled vehicles such as cars, buses or trucks, and IT managers looking after assets such as projectors or laptops can all effectively manage these shared or pooled assets’ availability using PAM. Pool Asset Management is a tool that is available in the Plant Maintenance component of SAP ERP Central Component. It requires activation of the business function LOG_EAM_PAM.

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Process Steps

Once Business function LOG_EAM_PAM is activated than Pool Asset is available in SPRO Settings.

Detail Pool Asset Configuration Steps

Create characteristics with CT04 Tcode assign it in pool asset configuration

Creating Class with Tcode CL01 with class type PAM

Configuring Pool Asset Node

Creation of POOL through Tcode PAM01

When we link pool with Functional location automatically equipment installed in functional location comes under the pool.

Please maintain below table in SM30 for PM planning board proper functioning

Please Ensure Equipment(IE01) /(IE31)should be created with measuring point(IK01) with below MEASURING point position otherwise measuring point counter will not trigger at the time of Issue.

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