Connectivity News in AS ABAP 7.51

ABAP Development

ABAP Channels Multiplexer for WebSocket connections In contrast to HTTP connection, which is short-lived and can be reused for multiple HTTP requests, the WebSocket connection is long-lived and cannot be reused for other WebSockets. That means that each WebSocket-enabled component requires its own WebSocket connection and the number of WebSockets connections grows over time. Besides […]

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Introduction to ABAP Channels

JAVA Development, ABAP Development, ABAP Channels

Motivation Most ABAP applications use polling techniques to achieve an event-driven communication.For pushing an event from an ABAP backend to a browser based user agent like SAPUI5, Web Dynpro, Business Server Pages (BSP) or WebGUI, a polling in multi-seconds interval is frequently used. This is a quite system resource consuming technique. In SAPGUI usually the […]

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