Stopping A User From Parking and Posting Invoice Document In MIR4 Tcode

MM (Materials Management), ABAP Development

Executive Summary The requirement is to have two separate roles for staff and manager regarding MIR4 tcode. Staff should only have the authorization to “Park” the document and manager only the authorization to view the document and “Post”. SAP provided authorization objects can limit the staff from posting and manager from parking. But if these […]

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Trick with parameter derivation for using analytical report variants in ABAP CDS views

SAP S/4HANA, ABAP Development, ABAP CDS view

Business requirement Users need to have opportunity to select different variants of analytical report. Difference is placed in some filtration variables, not in logic part of report. Solutions use variants at the BI Tool side (Analysis for Excel or some other) (not reliable, someone have to maintain it and other mustn’t have authorization for maintenance […]

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ABAP on HANA – Step by step procedure to create a CDS view using input parameters to display multiple records.

ABAP Development

This blog shows how to display multiple records by using input PARAMETERS keyword, As there is no provision to use ABAP keyword SELECT-OPTIONS which display multiple records in CDS View. 1. Go to Dictionary => ABAP DDL Sources => New Data Definition 2. Create a New Data Definition 3. Load the template and click on […]

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