Purchase Requisitions from Project Systems Material Components: BOM Explosion

PLM Project System (PS), SAP ERP

Introduction Purchase requisitions generated by material components assigned to network activities in PS carries a big limitation in a certain condition. If a requisition belongs to a material that is subcontracted (i.e. special procurement type 30) and has a Bill of Material (BOM) then this BOM is not exploded at the time of purchase requisition […]

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HCM Processes and Forms: Mobilize Your Processes with UI5 and SAP Gateway Part II: The Gateway Side

SAP ERP, SAP Gateway, HCM (Human Capital Management)

This blog will explain how Processes and Forms can fit into the mobile world of SAP Fiori / UI5 and SAP Gateway. After the prototyping phase we started developing the SAP Gateway service. The aim was to combine all results of the prototype into a compact SAP Gateway Service and to refactor the work of […]

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