APO Custom Alerts complete solution ( Use case: PPDS Custom Alerts )

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

Intro: The motive of this blog is to define custom defined alert for any APO Application. However, in order to illustrate deeply, created custom alerts for PPDS (APO: Production Planning / Detailed Sch.) Application. The concept is same and is applicable for all other applications, defined in Alert Monitor. There is literally no documentation in […]

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Batch Determination of components in the Production Order in S/4 1709

MAN Production Planning (PP), Manufacturing

What is mean by Batch Determination in the Production Orders? Batch Determination is the Process, by which system is able to assign/propose the suitable Batches for the Batch managed components in the Production Order, which meets desired Selection Criteria/business requirement Business scenario In the Production of the Finished Material (Ex: FG-BATCH), using one of the […]

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