Predictive Planning – How to keep a private version after publishing predictive forecasts?

SAP Analytics Cloud

The goal of this blog is to explain how to keep the private version of a planning model to which predictive forecasts were generated. Predictive forecasts are generated from historical data contained in the planning model, and are written back to a private version of this planning model. To retrieve those forecasts in a public […]

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Wrong Release Strategy Determination: How to Stop PR from being Procured if there is no release triggered due to the Characteristics that are not Identical in Line items

MM (Materials Management)

Introduction: This blog has been written for one of the most basic problems which as a consultant in SAP we faced on every second project in Release Configuration. I will not go into basic configuration but just try to give the concept of how to achieve this requirement. For this, you should have a basic […]

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Experience Seamless Supplier Integration with SAP Ariba Powered By Master Data Governance

SAP Ariba Procurement, SAP Master Data Governance

Introduction In today’s world, smart and informed shopping has become a common affair. It’s a big discussion point in every household when it comes to choosing the perfect deal. In the earlier days it was a cumbersome task with limited options. It was very difficult to reach out to every vendor in every corner of […]

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Get Your Master Data Quality Insight from SAP Analytics Cloud and MDG Integration

SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Master Data Governance

Abstract SAP Master Data Governance is a state-of-the-art master data management application. Data Quality Management in MDG enables you to define master data quality rules, striving for consistent usage across all points of entry and enabling data quality monitoring and remediation. SAP Analytics Cloudsd (SAC) is a top-tier SaaS solution that combines all your analytics […]

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