Simplify your ODATA service with a lean and flexible architecture

SAPUI5, ABAP Development, NW ABAP Gateway (OData), SAP Fiori

Once i started learning SAPUI5, i noticed something was not right on the entire data flow. Selecting fields in SEGW, updating service again, updating structure due to new requirements, function imports, annotations, deep inserts, entire SEGW was really burden for the project. There was no way i could implement something in a good mood. After […]

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Intercompany Reconciliation (Customer/Vendor: Process 003)

FIN (Finance)

Introduction: The purpose of intercompany reconciliation is to facilitate the organization for group level reporting. Today, the graph of industries with their subsidies are increasing on global level resulting, the huge amount of transactions are being generated between a subsidiary and it’s parent company or between two parent companies or between two subsidies of a […]

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SAP S/4HANA Cash Pool / Concentration

SAP S/4HANA Finance

1. Overview Cash pooling / Cash concentration is a financial management strategy that lets companies maximize their current credit and debit cash positions to optimize the use of surplus funds of all subsidiaries in a group, reduce external debt, and increase available liquidity. Physically, via concentration by sweeping accounts upward, the concentration account can bring […]

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