A Step-by-Step Blockchain Creation Tutorial for Beginners


Blockchain is a broad concept in the financial world. In the cryptocurrency market, it is a digital network across independent databases. As such, it enables widespread financial decentralization. In essence, it is simply a digital ledger that accounts for all crypto transactions. Its name Blockchain makes sense, it is composed of blocks of codes chained together and arranged chronologically.

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Building Dropdown list using Value help in CDS views with validations – ABAP Restful Application Programming Model

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

Introduction: Dropdown lists are very helpful when you want the user to select from a set of predefined values. The values can be either static or dynamic based on whether the database table used to implement the dropdown is updated or remains fixed. Problem Statement: Suppose that you have a Fiori list report template application […]

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SAP Cloud Integration – Prinicpal Propagation to Backend ABAP System using RFC

SAP Integration Suite, SAP ABAP, Cloud Integration

1. Introduction With the 5.25.x/6.17.x release, SAP Cloud Integration provides the support of Principal Propagation for the RFC adapter for Neo & CF versions. This blog explains on how to make use of this enhancement. 2. Overview The below diagram depicts that a BTP user can pass the identity to the backend ABAP system via […]

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