Automate HANA snapshot with google storage snapshot – Manual Point-in-time recovery


This Blog post explains how to automate/integrate HANA snapshot with google cloud storage snapshot. Due to volume data , HANA database size is keep on increasing and traditional online backups i.e. full , differential , incremental takes longer time. Longer running backups use heavy disk io and it impacts HANA operations i.e thread locking , […]

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Wrong Release Strategy Determination: How to Stop PR from being Procured if there is no release triggered due to the Characteristics that are not Identical in Line items

MM (Materials Management)

Introduction: This blog has been written for one of the most basic problems which as a consultant in SAP we faced on every second project in Release Configuration. I will not go into basic configuration but just try to give the concept of how to achieve this requirement. For this, you should have a basic […]

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