Display Messages in ODATA Header Response while success and update and usage of ALL Query operations.

ABAP Environment, SAP ABAP

Introduction This article explains the gradual creation of OData services, mapping messages on the OData response header, and simple operations($filter, $orderby, $inline count, $skip and $top). Overview:- 1) Creation of OData service 2) Registering the OData Service 3) Redefine methods to write the code 4) Simple operations of OData 5) Add Success/ Error Message 6) […]

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Custom Roles and Authorizations in SAP BTP (ABAP STACK)

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, ABAP Development

Authentication: The process or action of verifying the identity of a user or process. Authentication defines whether we have access to certain systems. Authorization: Authorization is the function of specifying access rights/privileges to resources. Even though we are logged on to a system, authorization defines the access or permission of the user to certain resource […]

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From zero to hero: Display ABAP dumps with SAP Conversational AI in SAPUI5 application

ABAP Development, SAPUI5

SAP Conversational AI Once SAP wanted to accelerate their SAP Leonardo ML learning on 2018, they acquired Recast.AI which was an artificial intelligence bot platform company. It was a high performance natural language processing platform with more than 20 language support. Of course idea was using it for SAP applications and improving the user experience. […]

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Simplify your ODATA service with a lean and flexible architecture

SAPUI5, ABAP Development, NW ABAP Gateway (OData), SAP Fiori

Once i started learning SAPUI5, i noticed something was not right on the entire data flow. Selecting fields in SEGW, updating service again, updating structure due to new requirements, function imports, annotations, deep inserts, entire SEGW was really burden for the project. There was no way i could implement something in a good mood. After […]

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