Merchandise Distribution and ABAP

ABAP Development, MM (Materials Management)

I recently was requested to implement a feature for merchandise distribution in SAP for putaway and cross-docking methods. There are other methods like stock-placement, flow-through, and others however I will concentrate only on the mentioned ones. Merchandise distribution consists in to group the storage transfer orders from plants to the distribution centers and create purchase […]

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Automate Master Data Vendor Extension Process to Purchase Organization with Approval Workflow

SAP ERP, ABAP Development, ABAP Extensibility, SAP S/4HANA

Introduction In every Project or Customer you worked for, you will have the scenario where some Master Data will not be extended to Company Code/Purchase organization and in those scenarios you have to send an email to that Team and wait when this will get extended so that you can create your Business Document. In […]

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Here is why Azure DevOps is a must-have tool for Agile (SAPUI5) projects

SAPUI5, ABAP Development, ABAP Testing and Analysis

We were using SAP BPC 10.1 for our planning scenarios but at some point of project implementation and utilisation, we noticed BPC was not answering the requirements coming from the business users. System was full of workarounds which was far away from a stable and flexible architecture. We were creating a monster in the system. […]

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How to Generate a Notification when any Business Partner/Vendor/Customer is changed in SAP S/4HANA

ABAP Development, ABAP Extensibility, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Supply Chain Management

Introduction In SAP S/4 HANA there are some major change in Simplification. Simplification means getting rid of Redundant Functionality. One of this is the Introduction of Business Partner as Vendor/Customer/Employee. The below blog helps in Generating a Notification when any Business Partner/Vendor/Customer Is changed in SAP S/4HANA Solution Please go to Transaction Code BP and […]

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BRF+ Settings for purchase orders

SAP S/4HANA, NW ABAP Business Rule Framework (BRFplus)

Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus) provides a comprehensive application programming interface (API) and user interface (UI) for defining and processing business rules. It allows you to model rules in an intuitive way and to reuse these rules in different applications. USE BRFplus is an SAP NetWeaver-based business rules framework that integrates with ABAP to make […]

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