Anomaly Detection in Time-Series using Seasonal Decomposition in Python Machine Learning Client for SAP HANA

SAP HANA, Machine Learning

Introduction The detection of anomalies from a given time-series is usually not an easy task. The natural association with time brings many unique features to time-series that regular 1D datasets, like time-dependency(via lagging), trend, seasonality, holiday effects, etc. Because of this, traditional statististical tests or clustering-based methods for anomaly/outlier usually will fail for time-series data, […]

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SAP Analytics Cloud Story with HANA Live Connection ABAP Cache Warmer

SAP Analytics Cloud, BW (SAP Business Warehouse), SAP HANA

Next to most current and correct data, performance is another very important factor in analytics. In the blog “How to trace widgets in SAP Analytics Cloud stories connected via HANA Live Data Connection“ ( ) it was already described how to grep performance data and link them to a widget in a SAP Analytics […]

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HCL Workload Automation and SAP best performance together


When we need operational efficiency and orchestration in an IT and Business workflows, Workload Automation is the best approach for Enterprise Resource Planning. We see day by day our customers, especially those using SAP to run their critical jobs with specific time constraints and committed deadline. Business jobs must run and must take less time […]

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Identification of Seasonality in Time Series with Python Machine Learning Client for SAP HANA


1. Introduction Seasonality is an important characteristic of a time series and our Python Machine Learning Client for SAP HANA (hana_ml) offers a time series function called seasonal_decompose() which provides a seasonality test and the decomposition the time series into three components: seasonal, trend, and random noise. In this blog post, you will learn: The […]

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Outlier Detection using Statistical Tests in Python Machine Learning Client for SAP HANA


In datasets with multiple features, one typical type of outliers are those corresponding to extreme values in numerical features. In this blog post, we will show how to use statistical tests algorithms in Python machine learning client for SAP HANA(i.e. hana_ml) to detect such outliers. In this blog post, you will learn: Outlier detection using […]

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Replication Service to easily setup replication from SAP HANA on-premise to SAP HANA Cloud.


A new Replication Service is now available in SAP HANA Cockpit as a Service. You can find this application as part of the monitoring view which allows creation and monitoring of replication jobs using Smart Data Integration. You can easily setup a new remote source and database object replication as the UI is a step-by-step […]

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