Using Virtual Elements with CDS in Fiori elements

SAP Fiori, ABAP Development, ABAP CDS view

Overview In this post you will learn, how we can use ‘READ_TEXT’ function for Fiori elements application. Consumption CDS is generating the Fiori elements application but sometimes we need Abap Logic calculation. (Calculate field values using Abap resources one of them read text belongs to material or orders etc.). Also Read: SAP Fiori System Administration […]

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Analytical List Page (ALP) developer extension

SAP Fiori

In this blog, I’ll discuss various extension points made available to the application developers by ALP for example custom actions, custom filters, table and chart extensions. Read More: SAP Fiori System Administration Certification Preparation Guide Prerequisites You should have a count in SCP to access Web IDE Register here to access the backend OData Service. […]

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Single Sign-On (SAML2) Configuration for SAP FIORI Application


As part this blog, we would like to explain how to configure ” SAML2 enable for SAP FIORI Applications”. This will cover Single Sign-On (SAML2) setup for FIORI Launchpad using Microsoft Azure (IDP). Also Read: SAP Fiori Application Developer Certification Preparation Guide SAP Basis team will co-ordinate with ADFS team to perform all required IDP […]

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Attachment Service to your rescue in S4HANA via Fiori Elements using Reuse Components (GOS)

SAP Fiori, ABAP Development, NW ABAP Gateway (OData), SAP S/4HANA

Introduction Many of us already know about the famous GOS functionality available for GUI. We must have used it many standard applications for adding attachments in GUI. It is not only available for standard applications but also available for custom GUI based applications with minimal coding. So what if this kind of functionality is available […]

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Configuration of FIORI Analytical App using SAP Smart Business KPI Modeller


In this blog, I am going to discuss the steps to create your first FIORI analytical app using SAP Smart Business KPI Modeller. Before going to start let’s understand what is FIORI Analytical App. What is FIORI Analytical App? Analytical apps are used to provide role-based real-time information about business operations. Analytical apps integrate the […]

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Customize the list report application generated by FIORI elements to look like a worklist application

SAP Fiori, SAPUI5, SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA

This blog post explains how to customize the list report application template to look like a worklist application. FIORI Elements benefits : SAP Fiori elements provide design patterns for UI and predefined templates for commonly and frequently applications. We the developers can use SAP Fiori elements to create SAP Fiori applications based on OData services […]

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SAP UI5 Push Notification using Cordova and Google Firebase – Android

SAPUI5, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori

As a Fiori developer, if you are building any Hybrid Mobile Application, Push Notification will be one of the hot features. In this Blog I am going to showcase how to integrate Google Firebase Push Notification in your Android device. Also Read: SAP Fiori System Administration Certification Preparation Guide So Let’s Start…. STEP 1: Hybrid […]

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