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COHV Operation Level Confirmation That Will Affect Partial Goods Issue Against The Production Order


In this blog post we can see the difficulty of how to do partial goods issue against the production order if already operation level confirmation has been done using COHV Mass transaction without clearing the reservation (which is equal to completing the entire process of the order) also we can understand the Target Vs Actual cost affecting.

Sometimes we don’t have the raw material stock to issue the required quantities against the production order. So, due to some activities we are not able to wait up to full RM availability to do confirmation and GR and then we are doing the operation level confirmation& goods receipt as well against a single production order.

Below the blogs I have explained in two different scenario that how MIGO goods issue is working depends on COHV confirmation and its settings.

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1. In OPK4 Configuration settings we have to maintain the confirmation without unchecked the clear open reservations tick mark.

2. Production order is created with required quantities of 5 EA.

3. Production order component quantities required for 5 KG.

4. In MIGO screen we can see the goods issue total required quantities against the production order.

5. Due to component stock availability I have changed into 2 quantity to issue the goods against the production order manually.

6. In COHV mass confirmation screen I have done with reservation (Not unchecked the tick mark).

7. We can see the overall status of the production order with confirmation CNF.

8. For some reason I have done MIGO Goods receipt with overall 5 EA to update the stock in SFG or FG location.

9. After few days, Now I got pending RM stock and I tried to issue the goods against the same production order, but here system is not showing the remaining quantities to issue against the production order.

10. Then in COHV confirmation screen I have removed the clear reservation check mark.

11. Now, we can see the overall status of the production order with confirmation CNF.

12. In MIGO screen, we can see the remaining quantities of the goods issuing against the production order.

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