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IDOC to REST Asynchronous scenario

This is a step by step guide to pass IDOC data into REST service through SAP PO.

I have seen many guides of IDOC to SOAP scenario. But I didn’t find, IDOC to REST step by step guide.Therefore I have tried the scenario and blogging it for newbies.

System: SAP PI 7.5

This article will demonstrate how to pass IDOC data to REST service through SAP PO. The requirement was, IDOC data needed to pass in to REST web service.

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This example will follow below workflow:

Business Case Description

ARTMAS IDoc data needed to pass to 3rd party REST service through SAP PO.

Scenario – We are going to pass Material Number(MATERIAL) and Material Group(MATL_GROUP) to REST service to store it in third party application.



REST SERVICE – Service Interface

Mode should be Asynchronous.

REST SERVICE – Message Mapping

In here we have mapped ARTMAS IDoc into REST request.

MATERIAL mapped into PARAM1 and MATL_GROUP mapped into PARAM2.

REST SERVICE – Operation Mapping

Integration Builder Configuration-

IDOC Sender Channel

REST receiver Channel – General

REST receiver Channel – REST URL

REST receiver Channel – REST Operation

REST receiver Channel – Data Format

REST receiver Channel – HTTP Headers

If you need to pass subscription key for authentication, you can use HTTP headers tab to pass the same.

Integrated Configuration – Inbound Processing

Integrated Configuration – Receiver

Integrated Configuration – Receiver Interfaces

Integrated Configuration – Outbound Processing

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