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Integration of EWM with Repetitive Manufacturing:Part-I


The blog is written to unravel how SAP Extended Warehouse Management in integrated with Repetitive Manufacturing. In this blog, it would be explained what are the key configurations, master data required to having this set up.

Repetitive manufacturing

In repetitive manufacturing, below process can be exploited in SAP EWM system

  • Final Confirmation
  • Reporting point confirmation
  • Decoupled confirmation
  • Document-neutral cancellation
  • Document-related cancellation
  • Pull list (material staging list) (MF60)

In this blog, Material staging with EWM(MF60) will be explained. In the latter series of my blog, I will write on all the other process like Final Confirmation using MFBF and Cancellation processes.


  • Business Function LOG_PP_EWM_MAN must be activated in SFW5
  • Configure the required settings in Logistics Execution (LE) –> Integration of Extended Warehouse Management –> Integration of Extended Warehouse Management into PP

The delivery type DOG must have movement type 411 with R3 KEY.

  • Activate BC sets in EWM /SCWM/DLV_TRANSFER_PS_ORDER: Transfer posting of pick parts and release order parts

Material Staging (with EWM):

Below are the staging characteristics with organizational structure

  • Material is release order parts.
  • The source storage location is EWM-managed(AFS, Available for Sale.)
  • The destination storage location (production storage location) must be MM-IM-managed.(IM01)
  • Stock Transfer in 1 Step.

Master data required.

  • Create Control cycle LPK1 of BOM components

The source storage location must be EWM managed from where staging happens(411). In my case, it is AFS.

The destination storage location must be MM-IM managed from where backflush(261) will happen . In my case, it is IM01.

The material staging indicator should be equal to 3( Release order part)

  • Create a Supply Areal with IM managed storage location PK05.
  • Create Bill of material CS01 and in components assign the production storage location IM01 and assign Production Supply 1001001.
  • Create a Rate routing CA21
  • Create Production Version C223 as it is mandatory to work with PV in Repetitive manufacturing. Assign the BOM and rate routing in Production version and assign the issue storage location IM01 in PV.
  • Material master of Header material must have below assignments in MRP View-IV. SAP suggests to use REM profile 0001.
  • Create Product cost collector KKF6N else you will not be able to post confirmation with MFBF

Process Flow of Material Staging via MF60 for release order parts with 1 source EWM managed location and 1 IM as destination storage location.

  • Create PIR in MD61 for Header material ans run MRP. The forecasts can be seen in MD04.
  • Run MRP.
  • MRP run in Repetitive manufacturing creates Run schedule Planned(PE) order which is in-convertible to Production Order. Staging in Repetitive manufacturing happens from Planned order directly

Note:Technically speaking, run schedule quantities are created as planned orders. The system creates this type of planned order if you have set the repetitive manufacturing indicator in the material master record and created a production version for the material.

As opposed to other planned orders, run schedule quantities must not be released and converted into production orders

In planned order, you must MM-IM managed storage location and production version.

  • Conduct Material Staging Via MF60 with reference to planned order. The storage location level must be set else we get a blank screen in MF60. Enter the planned order as well

It gives an overview of the process from the calculation of missing parts to the creation of replenishment

  • The MF60 screen shows how much Quantity must be staged from EWM storage location AFS to IM managed IM01 storage location

On saving, system creates an outbound delivery which can be seen in VL06O

  • On saving MF60, delivery is created and it is distributed to EWM system. The delivery is having 411 movement type.
  • Check the distributed delivery in /SCWM/PRDO

It is important to check the document type and item types which has created the Warehouse request. This data is fetched from below configuration.

  • Handshaking of ERP delivery with EWM delivery via Code of Initiator of Communication Chain
  • Create Warehouse Task and Post Goods Issue.
  • Check the ERP delivery status. The goods movement is posted and component is successfully staged to IM managed storage location IM01.
  • Check the staged component in MMBE. Component is successfully transfer posted to IM01 storage location.

Hence the blog ends here. The process explains whole set up material staging of Release order parts from EWM managed storage location to IM managed storage location.

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