SAP Secure Network Communication (SNC) Encryption configuration from SAP Portal to ABAP systems and SAP Gui to ABAP systems


Background As per the client request to encrypt the SAP Portal traffic to SAP ABAP systems and SAPGUI encryption to ABAP systems as part of their Infosec policy. Encryption is implemented using the SAP Secure Network Communication (SNC). This document explains about step by step configuration of SNC Encryption on the existing SAP Gui to […]

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Analytical List Page (ALP) developer extension

SAP Fiori

In this blog, I’ll discuss various extension points made available to the application developers by ALP for example custom actions, custom filters, table and chart extensions. Read More: SAP Fiori System Administration Certification Preparation Guide Prerequisites You should have a count in SCP to access Web IDE Register here to access the backend OData Service. […]

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WhatsApp Integration with SAPUI5 Application using Twilio and SAP Open Connectors


In this blog I am going to explain about Whatsapp Integration with SAPUI5 by using Open Connectors and Twilio. By this, we can send and receive whatsapp messages from UI5 application. Now let us see how i achieved this. Also Read: SAP ERP Certifications Pre-requisities for our requirement: TWILIO setup Setup the SAP Open Connectors […]

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Single Sign-On (SAML2) Configuration for SAP FIORI Application


As part this blog, we would like to explain how to configure ” SAML2 enable for SAP FIORI Applications”. This will cover Single Sign-On (SAML2) setup for FIORI Launchpad using Microsoft Azure (IDP). Also Read: SAP Fiori Application Developer Certification Preparation Guide SAP Basis team will co-ordinate with ADFS team to perform all required IDP […]

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SAP HANA Based Transformations (Processing transformations in HANA) aka ABAP Based Database Procedure (AMDP)

SAP BW/4HANA, BW (SAP Business Warehouse), BW SAP HANA Data Warehousing, BW SAP HANA Modeling Tools (Eclipse)

SAP HANA Based Transformations (New way of writing Routines) As majority of us has worked on SAP BW and have written ABAP routines in transformations in BW to derive the business logic, we often noticed the performance issue while loading the data into DSO, Info cube or master data info object. Also Read: SAP BW […]

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Sum of Multiple Rows based on a condition (validation) without using LOOP in SAP HANA


REQUIREMENT This blog post is regarding the validation of “Production Ratio” in Supply Chain Management for the monthly bucket in SAP HANA. Read More: SAP HANATEC 12 Certification Preparation Guide The client wanted to see “Production Ratio” of each month for a particular Product, Location and Product Version combination with validation. In my case, when […]

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