Develop Spring Boot App with HANA Cloud in Cloud Foundry


Through this post, you can get: How to build a Spring Boot App consuming HANA Cloud How to deploy Spring Boot App in SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Environment Comparison between consuming HANA Cloud instance directly and through hdi-shared /schema Comparison between consuming HANA Cloud with JDBC and JPA Comparison between HANA Cloud users and their […]

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Predictive Planning What-If Simulation in SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

In this blog post we will show you how you can leverage SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive Planning predictive capabilities to perform a predictive “What-if simulation”. How Does Predictive Relate to What-if Simulation? The Simulation Model To understand how the “Predictive What-if Simulation” differs from a traditional What-If simulation, we need to have a quick look […]

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New features for Integration Flow tooling – PI Configuration Search and Where-Used

SAP Process Integration, SAP Process Orchestration

SAP Process Integration is a part of the SAP NetWeaver platform. It is called SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure XI in NetWeaver 7.0 ehp2 and older versions. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration is a part of the NetWeaver software component and is used for exchange of information in company’s internal system or with external parties.

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Propagate Hashmap values from primary iflow to secondary iflow using Soap adapter in SAP Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration, SAP Integration Suite, SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Introduction: In various requirements in SAP Cloud Integration( SAP CPI) we need to use HashMap (key-value pair) to assign values at message mapping runtime using groovy scripts. Here, We use groovy scripts to initialize, load and get values from hashmaps. Now, In a scenario where we have created a hashmap object in the main Iflow(Primary […]

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Letter of Credit/Import Process (Issuance) – Trade Finance

FIN General Ledger, FIN Treasury

1. Letter of Credit (LC): A letter of credit or LC is a document issued by the importer’s bank (opening bank) on importer’s behalf. Through its issuance, the exporter is assured that the issuing bank will make a payment to the exporter for the international trade conducted between both the parties. The importer is the […]

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EWM – Vendor Returns Process – Returns Delivery Vs Returns PO

EWM - Delivery Processing

SAP offers 2 different processes of Vendor Returns: returns with Returns Delivery Ref to Inbound Delivery and returns with Returns PO. So what is the difference? In this blogs I will compare this 2 processes with EWM steps. My Testing is based on Embedded EWM – S/4HANA 1909. Compare Vendor Return Process with Returns Delivery […]

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Microsoft Teams Integration with SAP Sales Cloud (C4C)

SAP Sales Cloud

With the new 2108 release, Business Collaboration is now simplified with the Integration of Microsoft Teams and SAP Sales Cloud(C4C). This integration caters to the following business values: An embedded in-app integration of SAP Sales Cloud with Microsoft Teams to enhance workspace productivity for their users. Eases collaboration of objects like leads, opportunities, tickets. Simplifies […]

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