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S/4 Hana – House Bank, Bank Account and Account ID Overview

This blog is for overview of House bank, Bank account and Account ID in S/4 HANA. Purpose of this blog is to emphasis on Account ID creation. In ECC, creation of Account ID was in system itself. With S/4 Hana this feature has transformed and moved to Fiori App. Finding the exact field for Account ID creation in FIORI is very cumbersome. So this blog will not show you steps of creating of House Bank, Bank account or Account ID. Instead will give the screenshots of banks which are already created. So let’s start.

  • GO to FBZP. Below Screen will appear.
  • Click on House bank. Below pop up will appear. It means you can’t create House Bank in FBZP anymore.
  • In S/4 Hana, still FI12_HBANK transaction code can be used to create the House bank. In Fiori, House bank can be created through Manage Banks app.
  • Go to Fiori App. Type Manage Bank in search box and below APPs will appear. Click on Manage Banks.

Once you click on Manage Bank APP, all banks will appear. Click on any one bank. All this banks are already created in the system.

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Once you click on desired bank, below screen will appear. This will give general details for the bank.

Click on House bank tab. This will list all house banks created for the company code. Here we have created only one house bank.

Once you double click on bank in above screen below details will be displayed. If you can see, there is a company code in House Bank. Click on Back button .

In below screen, click on Display Bank Account button.

All Bank Accounts in your house bank will be displayed in below screen. Double click on any bank account. In our case we have created only one bank account.

All the tabs will be displayed for the bank account.

Click on the connectivity path. This is the most important tab. This is where the Account id is created. Click on > button next to 31.12.9999 text and it will take to you to next screen.

Once below information is entered, Account ID will be created. This is the screen which is most difficult to find out for those working in ECC from long time. Arriving at below screen is bit difficult in initial stage.

Once above step is completed, Information will flow in below screen. Account id Field will be populated.

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