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SAP UI5 Cordova application .ipa build using XCode

In this blog I am going to discuss about the steps to build an .ipa file of a SAP UI5 cordova application using XCode.


  • Mac Device
  • XCode
  • XCode Simulator

STEP 1: Add iOS platform to the cordova app

1. Open the cordova application in terminal.

2. Add iOS Platform

cordova platform add ios

3. Once the platform added, it will be visible in your application directory.

4. Double click on the ios folder.

5. Once you added the iOS platform, automatically XCode file will be generated inside the ios folder. Click on the .xcworkspace file. The project will open in XCode work space.

You can find your entire www content on the left pane. You can see the www content is also visible inside Staging folder. So in case you are going to change some code, you need to change in both www content.

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STEP 2: Build the cordova app in iOS

1. On the top, you will find the Build Option. You can test the app by selecting any iOS device from the simulator.

2. Once the app build successfully, it will launch Simulator.

STEP 4: App Icon for the Application

You can upload app icons for the app. You need expand Resources, there will be Images.xcassets click on that, on the right side you can find the app icon.

If you don’t have all these different size icons ready, you can generate by following the below links.

  1. Choose the Icon
  2. Convert It
  3. Click on download ios icon zip file

STEP 5: Add Signing Profile to the app

Once the app is ready, add the developer signing profile.

STEP 6: Distribute the .ipa file

Now, you need to export the .ipa file.

1. Click on Product, then click on Archive : Make sure your device is selected as Generic iOS Device

2. Click on the Distribute App

3. Select Enterprise – Next

4. Click on Next

5. Select the certificate then Next

6. Click on Export

7. Select any work space to export the file

8. Here is the final .ipa file.

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