Picking in Alternative UOM: The hidden power of Packaging Specification

EWM - Master Data, EWM - Basis

A warehouse storage type may consist of products in variable UOM of measure like, Boxes, cases and Pallets. However, the base UOM is primarily in smallest UOM as recommended by SAP. Consider a case where a storage type contains products with UOM as Boxes, cases, Pallets and EA. Boxes, Cases & Pallets- Alternative UOM AUoM […]

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Embedded EWM – Inbound POSC (Multi-step movements)

EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Master Data

INBOUND POSC (MULTI-STEP MOVEMENT) Purpose The purpose of this article to understand INBOUND POSC and how does it work in EWM. In this blog post I will discuss the configuration and master data settings in EWM for one of the Inbound process consisting of multi-step movements. In this Inbound POSC Scenario we discuss about Deconsolidation/Re-pack […]

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Receipt & Reversal of Handling Units from Production with Restricted Batch Using Radio Frequency

EWM - Basis, EWM - Master Data

Receipt of Handling Units from Production( Document Type INBM This blog will explain how from RF receipt of Hus and its reversal can be conducted for Advance Production Integration. Assumption: All mandatory configuration of Advance production integration Master data is set up Batch management is set up RFUI is set up The receipt of HUs […]

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