Stopping outbound delivery generation if inventory availability is insufficient. EWM PP Interface

EWM - Basis, EWM - Master Data, MAN Production Planning (PP), SD (Sales and Distribution)

Purpose: The inspiration of writing this blog is derived from below SAP community thread having discussion on why MF60 for release orders parts creates outbound delivery if even the stock availability is zero. To my curiosity, I tested it for Kanban parts, emptying card items having zero stock, delivery was successfully generated and distributed to […]

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MRP4 View Raw Materials Individual/Coll Requirements Unrestricted Stock Consideration in Make To Order(MTO)

MAN Production Planning (PP), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Introduction: In this blog I will explain about the MRP4-view individual/ Coll requirements field data maintaining and its working process with screenshots. Some implementation projects still not get succeed in this world, because of not maintaining the proper master data, few of the consultants not gathering exact requirements from client, some times they are fails […]

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Production/Process Order UNTECO(Revoke TECO) Restriction (Authorization)

MAN Production Planning (PP), SAP ERP

As per Business requirement sometimes, we need to do the restriction of TECO or UNTECO (Revoke TECO) of Process Order/Production Order. For this purpose, we need to create Authorization key and Status profile after that needs to maintain it in authorization role (Authorization Key and Status profile). Similarly for process order place of T code: […]

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Integration of EWM with Repetitive Manufacturing:Part-I

EWM - Master Data, MAN Production Planning (PP), EWM - Basis

Purpose: The blog is written to unravel how SAP Extended Warehouse Management in integrated with Repetitive Manufacturing. In this blog, it would be explained what are the key configurations, master data required to having this set up. Repetitive manufacturing In repetitive manufacturing, below process can be exploited in SAP EWM system Final Confirmation Reporting point […]

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Pool Asset Process Steps

MAN Production Planning (PP), PLM Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Plant Maintenance (PM)

Introduction Sap Pooled Asset Complete Configuration is demonstrated in below link Read More: SAP PP Certification Preparation Guide Execution steps to capturing the cost & scheduling process is explained in below process steps Process steps Creation of Notification for pooled asset request as Notification Type (MF) through Tcode IW21 Fill up the user & […]

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Delivery based Production vs Advanced Production Integration- Delta Analysis

MAN Production Planning (PP), EWM - Master Data, EWM - Basis

The blog is written to unravel the major differences between” Delivery based Production and Advanced Production Integration and under what circumstances which model would be best for the business. This blog will also capture the discernible differences between the two. Delta: The below diagram gives perceptible delta between the two. I would accentuate and explain […]

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