Dependent Characteristic Specifications (Inspection plan) migration in S/4HANA system

PLM Quality Management (QM), SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit

If materials have the same set of operations and signs of control, they could be assigned to one Inspection Plan. It’s OK, when the tolerance limits of a specific inspection characteristic are the same for each material – there is need neither for Dependent Characteristic Specifications in Inspection Plan nor its mixed loading. But when […]

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Setting up Inspection Process in Business ByDesign Business Documents

PLM Quality Management (QM), SAP Supply Chain Management

Inspection Inspection in general plays a vital role in an organization in order to detect defects , improve productivity , reduce re-work and waste. The quality inspector typically follow a set of standards or guidelines based on product specifications. Inspected products can be the components used for production, semi-finished or finished goods before shipment to […]

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Stability Study with SAP Quality Management

PLM Quality Management (QM) SAP ERP

1. Configuration 1.1. Inspection types Although the inspection types for stability are preconfigured in SAP QM. Still, you can configure the custom inspection types for stability. Follow the Path: IMG >> Quality Management >> Quality Inspection >> Inspection Lot Creation >> Maintain Inspection Types 16 Inspection for Storage Condition (Stabi) 1601 Initial Test (Stability Studies) […]

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