Beginner’s Guide for Qualtrics 360 Survey and SAP SuccessFactors User Integration

SuccessFactors Integration Center, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

There have been many blogs on integrating SAP SuccessFactors employees into Qualtrics 360 project. Although most of these blogs are well written, I find that many details are missing and an average SuccessFactors / Qualtrics consultant needs to spend hours reading and understanding Help documents from both Qualtrics and SuccessFactors Support sites to piece together the right solution.

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SAP RPA 2.0 Challenge Submission: Automate Document Generation feature in SuccessFactors Employee Central

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Core, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Use Case: Document Generation is one of the most frequently used feature in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. It enables admins to generate the documents such as Address proof, Proof of employment, letter of reference etc. in a timely and efficient manner. Based on the employee’s request, HR admin can generate these documents and share it […]

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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 Configuration Optimization Technique – Implementation design principle

SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, HCM (Human Capital Management), SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Though it has been some months that we released the Implementation principle document on certain topics that help in optimizing the configuration of Onboarding Onboarding 2.0 relies on business rules to determine the user experience for new hires based on attributes such as organizational information. In this document certain scenarios are listed where in business […]

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How to automate the process of adding a Job Relationship on change of a Business Unit

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, SAP SuccessFactors Integration Center

This blog is about how to automate the process of adding a job relationship on change of a Business Unit, Department, Division, etc. (as per the requirement). Here I have done it with the Business Unit (Renamed for Department FO) and populated Employee HR (HR BP) as the Job Relationship type. Prerequisite: 1. Add a […]

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Use case for People Profile Portlet links in SAP SuccessFactors Performance Forms

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, SAP SuccessFactors Platform

There are several instances when SAP SuccessFactors’ clients have requirements, wherein Managers should be able to access a Background Portlet (standard or custom) in People Profile from within the SAP SuccessFactors Performance Forms to refer them or provide inputs in those portlets during Performance Management reviews. So today we will discuss about two common use […]

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