SAPUI5 Applications with Approuter: Sessions and Automatic Logout


Overview: When creating a SAPUI5 Stand-alone applications for deployment on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry, you can employ an Approuter component to provide seamless authentication and authorization. This works fairly well. Still, there’s a few tweaks that can be added to improve the overall user experience in such an application. We recently built a stand-alone […]

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How to Send Notifications from UI5 App over CPI Flow with Data from HANA DB

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP HANA, SAPUI5

Introduction What if you have a lot of users working in different departments and you need to notify them with custom messages? Knowing your departments and users are saved in a database and you still have to build your message and send it to them. Then you search and use notification/message services, or you create […]

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