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Uploading of General Task list using LTMC (Routing)

This post will give you brief details about the creation of General task list using LTMC. Steps involved in creation of task list will be explained as below. LTMC is the migration tool/Program with in-build templates of major master data for all modules like bill of material creation ,Business partner creation and vendor opening balance upload. (Pre-defined Excel file with required format).


Create the Project name and enter the data retention time (In the Data Retention Time field, you can specify the length of time (in days) that this data is kept in the system after the transfer of the file has finished. The data will be deleted from the SAP system when the data retention time expires. If you leave this field empty, the data will not be deleted from the system.)

Step-2 Choose the activity which you want to perform (BP creation /vendor balance upload /BOM creation/MIC creation.


Down the standard template which are already available in SAP

Step-3 Fill the required data in Excel sheet and upload the file.

Once upload done Please select the line item and do activate so that it will be ready next step.

XML file will be generate automatically based on the Excel file format.


Choose the line item and click on the start transfer.


Once validation completed close icon will be enabled

Map the each values and confirm the each line item. Make sure that all line items are in with green flag.


Click on the next icon


Completion of the above steps Task list will generated.

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